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Welcome to Waterside Shops. Here you will find Contact Information, Directions, Security Information, Parking, and Center Policies.


Waterside Shops
5415 Tamiami Trail N
Naples, FL 34108


Phone: 239-598-1605

Mall Hours

Monday – Saturday, 10AM – 6PM
Sunday, 11AM – 5PM

Store and restaurant hours may vary


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Waterside Shops is the Gulf Coast’s premier shopping and dining destination where the finest names in luxury retail and fashionable lifestyle stores are set amid a lush landscape of 30,000 tropical plants and flowering shrubs, a 550-foot-long, hand-laid rock wall punctuated by cascading water, and dramatic lightning features.

Its more than 60 shops and restaurants, including Saks Fifth Avenue, let you indulge in the extraordinary while you delight in the everyday.


Security can be reached at (239) 825-1759, at any time day or night to provide assistance as needed.

Services that Security can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with Lost and Found items
  • Complimentary wheel chairs
  • Vehicle battery jump starts
  • Assistance in locating lost vehicles
  • Escorting guests
  • Escorting employees
  • Assistance in locating lost loved ones
  • Locating stores or services in and around the Mall
  • Emergency response, CPR and AED
  • Assistance in contacting the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (239) 774-4434


Waterside Shops is a pet friendly shopping center. Not all stores will permit pets inside the store.

All pets must be leashed (county ordinance).

Please be respectful with your pet.

All pet excrement must be picked up by the owner and disposed of in a trash receptacle.

Pets that are disruptive, dangerous or threatening may be excluded for the property.

Please do not leave pets unattended at any location or unattended in a vehicle.


  1. The commission of any act defined by Federal, State or local ordinance as a criminal act is prohibited.
  2. Conduct which is disruptive or endangers others is prohibited.
  3. The open display of weapons of any kind, including guns, knives, or other bladed or blunt force arms, is prohibited.
  4. Loitering, congregating in groups, or any behavior causing an unwanted disruption to business or guests is prohibited.
  5. Clothing may not attract negative attention and must be worn in an appropriate, non-offensive manner without the exposure of undergarments. Clothing worn to obscure the face other than for cultural or religious beliefs is prohibited.
  6. Accessing or entry into non-public areas is prohibited. These areas include the roof, service courts, service/delivery corridors, storage rooms, equipment rooms, and stairwells.
  7. Accessing or entry onto Mall property or into the building during non-business hours is prohibited.
  8. Smoking, tobacco use, or the use of any vapor emitting device or similar, is prohibited inside any building and the “patio” area.
  9. Soliciting of any kind, including petitions, demonstrations, and panhandling, is prohibited.
  10. Photography or videography of anything on Mall property for commercial or competitive purposes is prohibited.
  11. Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages outside the confines of the serving restaurant or food court must be in a to go cup and purchased from a Waterside Shops establishment.
  12. Disposal of waste except in provided waste containers is prohibited.
  13. Guests are encouraged to park and secure their bicycles at designated bicycle racks. If guests’ bicycles are parked and secured in areas other than designated bicycle racks, they cannot be obstructing walkways or be hazardous to the property. Motorcycles and motorized scooters must be parked within a lined parking space in the parking lot.
  14. Vehicles parked overnight are subject to removal at owners risk and expense.
  15. Operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner or violating traffic control signage, including speeding and failing to stop at posted intersections, is prohibited.
  16. The use of any wheeled recreational device other than motor vehicles on Mall property is prohibited.
  17. The Mall is private property and is open to the public for a specific use. Management reserves the right to deny entry or demand departure of anyone deemed to be non-compliant with these rules of conduct.


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