Canipelli Firenze


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Canipelli Firenze

In October 2014, Canipelli, Firenze brought the hidden gems of Florence to Waterside Shops. A luxury boutique designed to capture the allure and romance of the region, Canipelli, Firenze enables shoppers to experience the birth of the Renaissance era. Subtle textiles such as the finest cashmeres, leathers, exotic skins and furs beautifully showcase the true talent of master artisans and centuries of craftsmanship.

“Benvenuto!” Begin your journey into the world of Canipelli, Firenze. Savor a taste of the wines of the Frescobaldi vineyards; accept an invitation to feel the texture of Il Paprio stationary; enjoy the scents of Santa Maria Novella; experience the hand-selected delights chosen just for you and for your gift giving.

Canipelli, Firenze a delight for the senses. “Che delizia!”

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