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Nine Health Kitchen Essentials from Williams-Sonoma

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These are the secret weapons you need to make healthy meals a daily reality at home. (As seen on Williams-Sonoma’s blog.)

1.  Grill Pan

Looking for new ways to whip up healthy weeknight meals? Reach for your grill pan. It brings the savory sizzle of outdoor grilling into your kitchen, giving you maximum flavor with minimal fat. consider it your go-to pan for grilling up everything from chicken to seafood and veggies.


2. Spiralizer

Explore an exciting new world of colorful, healthy dishes – and let your Spiralizer lead the way. For a fresh twist on the classics, partner your favorite farmers’ market produce with this easy-to-use tool. In just a few minutes, it spins out everything from colorful spirals and shoestrings to vibrant veggie noodles.


3. Instant Pot

Savvy cooks know that the Instant Pot is a one-stop shop for healthy eating – it’s a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and sauté pan all rolled into one. Best of all, this high-tech multitasker features smart functions that make cooking as easy as adding a few fresh ingredients and pushing a button.


4. Vitamix

A smart investment in healthy eating, Vitamix is a total champ on the wellness front. Sure you can use this dream machine to transform whole fruits and veggies into nutrient-packed juices and smoothies but you can also use your Vitamix to whip up hot soups, healthy sorbets, savory dips, homemade nut milk and lots more.


5. Air Fryer

Whip up your favorite crave-worthy snacks – without the guilt. When you’ve got an air fryer on your kitchen team, you can happily indulge in everything from French fries and potato chips to doughnuts. It uses patented technology to circulate hot air, frying foods to crispy, golden brown perfection with little or no oil.


6. Juicer

A healthy, balanced lifestyle means lots of fresh fruits and veggies – and a juicer is a great way to make the most of their fresh flavors and powerhouse nutrients. Count on it to fuel you up with the wholesome, energizing juices of everything from leafy greens and ripe berries to crunchy carrots, apples and beets.


7. Wok

Put down that take-out menu – and start making sizzling stir-fries in your own kitchen. It’s as simple as heating up a wok and tossing in your favorite proteins and seasonal veggies. Woks are designed for super-high temperatures, so foods cook in a flash, retaining their fresh colors, flavors and textures.


8. Slow Cooker

When it comes to healthy homemade meals, a slow cooker is like having a personal chef on call. Just add your favorite fresh ingredients – and let the machine do the work. Its long, gentle simmering works unique magic, enriching and deepening flavors to create the ultimate hearty stews or braised meats that can be rounded out with a steamed vegetable and a whole grain side.


9. Sheet Pan

Great meals start with this one-pan wonder. A superhero for hectic weeknights, it lets you build an entire meal on a single pan—just add vegetable and proteins. ­Menu options are endless (and you can often use whatever ingredients you have on hand). Prep your food at your convenience, then pop the sheet in the oven as dinnertime approaches.


Find all these types of healthy-cooking products at Williams-Sonoma at Waterside Shops near Saks Fifth Avenue.

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